Rugnoll Homes Project

Rugnoll Homes Website Project

About this project

It was an exciting experience for our team working on the website. The project scope runs across the whole aspects of building the website as well as developing the text content of the website.

The website covers the services and real estate project for Rugnoll Homes. based on instructions, we emphasized one of their sub-project, known as The Nest by building and optimising a standalone page for it. Although the optimisation is in progress, we have a full grasp of our client’s expectation and intend to deliver it.

Deliverables Overview

Website Navigation

We used the mega-menu system to create the menu items. The menu items are arrange systematically to provide easy navigation across the pages of the website

Webaite Pages

The website has over 30 hidden and public pages that provides both information and accessibilities features that allow users to interact with the website.

Contact information

Contact infos are placed stretgically to help users to easily make enquiries. The system is automatically set to detect and repel spams considerably.


The Rugnoll Homes website displays correctly across different screen sizes. Images are optimized to display as expected across all devices.

Products Upload

Properties for rent and sales) are optimized to have the typical behaviours of products, having descriptions, categories, images, videos, pricing , and many others.


We have call-to-action sections and buttons placed strategically across the pages where they are intend to appear at making it easier for users to take actions.

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